Consolidating signature student loans

10 Nov

Loan eligibility also depends on a number of additional factors, such as your financial history, your income sources and your employment.

Please review our Eligibility Criteria or call us for further details.

Even if you are in your grace period, interest accrues for unsubsidized federal loans.

So Fi will honor the first six months of any existing grace period of the loans you refinance with us.

Your co-signer is not obligated, in any way, if you do not accept the terms.

Making a large payment or additional payment on a Student Loan Refinance can adjust your payment.

So Fi aims to revolutionize financial services- ultimately improving the system for everyone.

Today, we’re able to offer significant savings and flexibility to US citizens or permanent residents who have graduated from a selection of Title IV accredited university or graduate programs, are employed, has a sufficient income from other sources, or hold a job offer with a start date within 90 days, have a responsible financial history, and a strong monthly cash flow.

If we find your loan payment may be significantly affected, the loan will be reamortized.We determine eligibility on a number of factors, not limited to: In short, they consent to your loan before you see your rates so that we can factor in your co-signer when we show your rates.So Fi provides you the option of adding a co-signer as an opportunity to help you qualify for a loan.Today we’re able to refinance graduates with an Associates’ degree or higher from Title IV accredited universities and graduate programs.If you believe you are a good candidate for refinancing, we encourage you to apply.