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25 May

In 1941, Josephine was stricken with a bad case of pneumonia.

She and some of her recruits traveled to North Africa seeking a dryer, warmer climate.

From her base in Morocco, Josephine safely traveled back and forth to Spain to communicate with allied agents.

She was able to assist the badly outnumbered US OSS agents in Europe in setting up improved communications.

In 1921, Josephine married an American with the last name Baker.

She kept that name for the rest of her life, though she divorced him.

The recovery rate from emergency hysterectomies at the time was astonishingly low; however, Josephine survived.

The Free French Government ordered that she be transported to England and to a desk job.

Her seemingly harmless musicians and actor types formed a valuable branch of the French Resistance.

She refused her evacuation and remained active in the field until the defeat of the Axis powers in 1945.

After the fall of the fascists, Josephine carried out one last, very personal mission.

She traveled to Buchenwald and performed what must have been her single most important stage performance.

She performed for the rescued death camp prisoners who were still too sick and weak to be moved.