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02 Nov

At the time Rogayan had just opened a restaurant, Cosmos Bistro, on the ground floor of the Herald Building.

I was lamenting the fact that a friend of mine, who I was casually dating, had gone home with another friend of mine earlier in the night. But as I've discovered, it's a term Chicagoans have never heard.Here we are using initials for the sake of clarity.On the witness stand Rogayan denied any sexual contact with two of the women, one of whom, R., testified the assault lasted hours in 2011. went to a costume party together that night as friends, but things turned sour between them when Rogayan got kicked out of the party. She said she felt “trapped” in his apartment for hours.She said she had to yank his arm away to make him stop. “Undoubtedly, the media shall continue its heavy, prejudicial coverage of this matter through another jury trial,” Ransom wrote.The defense accused a deputy prosecutor, Eric Richey, of prosecutorial misconduct for a statement quoted in The Herald: “This is a strong case; we believe our victims,” which Richey said moments after the mistrial was declared.