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02 Feb

In reality, the banks have set up a redirection service to ensure transfers using the old sort code will still make it to the right account.

The Financial Conduct Authority says such redirection services will remain in place for a ‘significant period of time’.

Often victims are urged to act quickly – making them fearful of losing money so they comply immediately without thinking.

Emails should be treated with utmost caution – as fraudsters posing as your bank will try to persuade you to click on a link where you can update details or find more information about ring-fencing, or any other topic.

Meanwhile, HSBC is warning that for some customers their inter-national bank account number (IBAN) will also change, affecting those who receive payments from abroad.

City regulator the Financial Conduct Authority says a ‘significant’ number of codes have already been migrated and all should be done by the middle of this year.

Such a link can trigger your computer to download software that allows criminals to see what login and password information you use for online banking.

Calls and texts may also be dodgy, even if they look to come from your bank.

Barclays has referred to a time span of three years for this.

Tashema Jackson is a money expert at comparison website u Switch.