Chinese dating taboos

11 Jun

It is the number one destination for Chinese and Russian tourists searching for cheap weed.

While the legislation on its sale and consumption might not be clear, the ease with which this happens gives the impression that it is actually legal.

The system is known as Kippumjo, which translates as "Pleasure Squad" or "Joy Division".

The girls earn such material items as electronic gadgets.

However, recent harsh economic conditions have seen to a loosening of the grip on keeping to these standards. In fact, it is not really known when and if they actually got married.Men are required to keep their hair no longer than 2 centimeters while women are to keep theirs at a bob length.Competing with Afghanistan and the Netherlands, the DPRK is fast gaining a reputation as the cannabis capital of the world.Typical of the secretive nature of the Kim government, his wife, Ri Sol-ju, is very rarely seen in public, some times for years. She had been spotted with Kim several times before the Korean media referred to her as his wife.The North Korean military law mandates its officers to be celibate during their first 10 years of service.