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15 Nov

The fees are as follows: There are no refunds for unused name search credits.Name search credits do not expire, with the exception of the 30- and 365-day name search options.A credit card is required for payment of these fees.If you want to see documents on a case you are part of and have an approved fee waiver, you must come to the court to view your documents for free.The California man took to You Tube in order to get his message out and share his plight with the world.He began posting CCTV footage of the outrageous sex acts taking place next to his house, involving everything from missionary to butt stuff to mouth stuff, and everything in between.

They may be able to view and print newly filed documents free of charge for 72 hours.With this feature, a user can subscribe to a Civil or Probate case and receive automated notifications whenever a new document is filed on that case.For detailed information regarding case subscriptions, please review the User Guide for Public Case Access.Sadly, it hasn’t stopped brazen exhibitionists from trying out the public sex hotspot.In response, the angry resident has posted the raunchy footage to his You Tube channel, Caught on My CCTV Cameras.