Sex chat is safe sex

05 Apr

There's no doubt that children these days are exposed to sexual images at a far younger age.And in more places than ever before, including music videos, websites and social media.So, don't be too worried if your child doesn't act exactly as you'd expect.Children with developmental delays may not stick to these age guides.In late pregnancy, the changes in your body may make having sex uncomfortable and require some creative positioning. Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe, and your baby will be none the wiser.I hope that helps, please post any questions you might have!During, these periods (third trimester), the female partner need to be cautious regarding the unborn baby.There is a high chances that the unborn baby might be unsafe during the intercourse in the last three months.

Just like every other part of growing up, some children mature sooner or later than others.For example, a pre-school child who talks about sex acts or uses adult language or a 12 year old who masturbates in public.Other warning signs include: Talk to your child about their behaviour.The way you respond is important If you're too disapproving or imply that sex shouldn't be spoken about then your child may be less likely to come to you with any questions or worries they might have. The way you react can affect how comfortable your child will feel about talking to you about these things in the future.Of course, this won't be easy for everyone, especially if your child's behaviour seems shocking or morally wrong to you. Sexualised behaviour which is significantly more advanced than you'd normally expect for a child of a particular age or which shows a lack of inhibition, could be a cause for concern.