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09 Aug

The address side usually carried the words "The address only to be written only on this side" or similar. Initially the publisher information had to be on the picture side.

This is one of the early cards published by Valentine & Sons, and is an attractive multi-view card of a smaller size than the standard sized postcard introduced in 1899.

He retained close contact with the community which bore his name, until he died of appendicitis on July 30, 1897 at age forty.

The post card is being sent from Duluth, Minnesota to a friend who lives in Lynndyl, Utah.

The move started in 1919 and took two years to complete at a cost of ,000,000.

185 houses and 20 businesses were moved, and some of the larger buildings had to be cut in half for the move.

The mine, located in the Mesabi Range, supplied as much as one-fourth of all the iron ore mined in the United States during its peak production during World War I and World War II.The writer tells his friend that "I just lit here and I don't know how long I will stay." Lynndyl Utah is a town of about 3 and a half square miles in area located in northeast Millard County.This puts in close to, but not very near to the geographical center of the state.The postal rate for overseas post cards was a penny and so card were printed specifically for posting overseas, with a 1d stamp and "Union Postale Universelle" message.This one was posted in Little Gaddesden, and went to France via Berkhamsted.