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24 Dec

Proulx won the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award for Fiction for her second novel The Shipping News.

“But I’m turning 30, and—I hope this isn’t obnoxious to say—I feel prettier, and much more myself.

The layer of mud on the floor and the smell of all those fish lend the proceedings a distinct air of authenticity.

As Hooper, wearing a parka against the air-conditioned chill, looks on, a leering pimp in a top hat and a Felliniesque gaggle of prostitutes, heavily rouged and spilling out of their skimpy dresses (the lovely ladies of the song’s title) descend on Hathaway’s Fantine.

Emerging from her car and onto the red carpet, eager photographers snapped away and unwittingly caught Anne- who was wearing a stunning creation by designer Tom Ford - in full exposure - on a night she chose to forgo underwear.

The usually sophisticated actress was clearly embarrassed by the wardrobe malfunction, which was largely due to the thigh high split of her black figure-hugging dress falling open as she got out of the car by swinging both her legs onto the pavement, flashing her lady parts in the process.