Dima mammoth carbon dating

26 May

Klein even includes it in her book “Kachemak Bay Communities — Their Histories, Their Mysteries,” and the possibility the piece came from a woolly mammoth.In the past couple of years, radiocarbon dating of 10 pieces found by others between Mariner Beach and Clam Gulch has indicated woolly mammoths inhabited the area between the Penultimate and the Naptowne glaciations, a period about 25,000-60,000 years ago.From left to right, the baseline represents radiocarbon years before the present time.A jagged line running horizontally across the page represents the Greenland temperature between today and 70,000 years ago as interpreted by cores from the Greenland ice sheet.

“So, we’re not sure where it came from.” To illustrate, Reger referred to a schematic he developed.

That it probably came from somewhere else,” said Klein.

What does all that mean to Winn and her memory of the day more than 35 years ago when she was gathering coal and beachcombing on Mariner Beach?

“I cut a little piece off and it burned,” she said.

Over the years, Winn showed her find to others, including local historian and author Janet Klein.