Updating a new englander

06 Mar

New England is known for its fishing industry and that means some of the freshest tasting seafood imagineable.

I love waterfront dining in coastal towns like Plymouth and Kennebunkport and regions like Cape Cod, but some of the inland seafood destinations offer meals just as good as their waterfront counterparts (although not with the views).

New England proudly displays around 200 lighthouses, which represent part of the fabric that makes scenic, local coastal travel so special.

Each lighthouse looks different from one another with, often, intricate designs and remarkable durability.

Some are famous like the Red Arrow Diner, Joe's Diner and Maine Diner while others, like Cindy's Diner and Miss Lyndonville Diner, are better known locally, but just as good. " service, the jukebox, neon and chrome, and comfort food meals serve as authentic slices of Americana.

What better way to eat seafood than having fish delivered straight from the boat to the restaurant?

So relax, take in the breathtaking imagery of the New England vacation and travel essays, and ultimately picture yourself in the wonderful environs of New England.

The colored leaves, chill in the air, fall festivals in small towns, and some apple cider and donuts make for a very special time, indeed.

New Hampshire and Vermont seem to get all the accolodes for the foliage season -- and deservedly so -- but the truth is that every state in New England offers wonderful fall foliage.

Sometimes, the greatest travel discoveries can be made by taking the road less taken.

The typical New England travel guide often misses the nuances, the under-the-radar places, and the underrated destinations that locals know make New England so special. Often dating back to Colonial Times, these town greens -- also known as town commons -- possess incredible historic value, as well as modern day relevance with, often, park-like settings, community events and observances, beautiful green spaces with benches, walkways, monuments and surrounding historic sites and structures to help you soak in the beauty of New England.