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13 Jun

If you wish to view the active links for the artists included on this page, just scroll down or click on the letter (G).

The most recent works of art included on this page are by well known international painters, illustrators, watercolour artists and or original printmakers.

Yet what great artists who came after Goya were not affected by his graphic art?

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The alphabetical links above will take you to the different pages for this index.Goya's first great series of etchings, Los Caprichos, appeared in 1799.It was published by Goya himself in bound editions of 300 impressions.By then, however, his brilliant methods had permanently reshaped the art of satire and caricature and remain a major influence to this day.For speciality collectors (Art of the Print / provides directories that contain listings for different art categories ranging from the Renaissance period to our contemporary art period.