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02 Feb

getting the equivalent of about 36 weeks of extra vacation time each year.That would bring you up fairly close to my own level of leisure.Almost everything is available on a streaming basis over the Internet anyway, You Tube has the funniest things on Earth for free, Netflix has all the commercial movies and great documentaries for per month if you need it, and your friends all have DVD collections from which you can borrow any time you like! My persuasive list could go on and on, but I think at this point, the arguments presented have been so profound that there are only two possibilities for readers: 1) You already do NOT have TV and you just read through with a big toothy smile on your face, clapping your hands and shouting out, “Yeah Mr. If you would like to save it, you'll be asked to create you own account by putting in your email address and creating a password so you can access your directions anytime on your trip or in the future.To save your route just fill in the information below and you'll be able to keep it as long as you'd like and access it anytime on-line.“No”, you may be saying, “Actually I skip all the commercials with my Tivo, and I have HBO and watch all the advanced dramas and stuff”. You have made your time-wasting more efficient at a cost of just a few extra dollars per month.If time wasting were our goal, and this were the Mr.

But now let’s talk about why you DON’T want to have cable TV, or any television service anymore.

People can see your gentle, warmer side when you’re with your dog, a side they don’t necessarily see in other social situations, Wood said.

People also perceive you as a kinder, nicer person.

photo by Anthony van Dyck Once you put in your Search by Route departure point and destination and click on Get Directions, you will be asked if you'd like to save your route.

Magnet, however, was trained never to bring the ball back to him, but rather to drop it at the girls feet!