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16 Jan

Then Slowly Grows is the fourth studio album, (but the third that is released due to the issues that came with her third, "The Starter Kit") released by Bethany Joy Lenz that features nine tracks performed by Lenz.Included on Lenz's fourth studio album are two covers titled "Blue Sky" and "Queen of Wishful Thinking", (King of Wishful Thinking, that was one of her live performances from One Tree Hill Tour in 2005).A year later Jeff Cohen produced her fifth solo album which was sold to attendees of the One Tree Hill Convention "From Wilmington to Paris" and later 500 autographed first edition copies of the CD were sold on Etsy.In 2015, she released a sneak peek EP of an upcoming album through Kickstarter but the hard copies promised to the backers were sent 2 years later, and the full album never came to life due to legal proceedings with the creator of the project.It was due to be released independently by Lenz on her Official Blog.

Along with the album, Lenz sent out bonus items to randomly selected buyers.The EP is an eclectic mix of country, folk and pop rock sounds.The EP features three original tracks, all performed and written by Lenz and Sweeney.The seven remaining songs included in this album are written by Lenz.Although "Shiver" is co-written with Ron Aniello and "Anybody Else" is co-written with Ron Aniello and Jason Wade.