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15 Feb

What awaited Christian was a dangerous dog, a chained pit bull.

Though the animal was chained, the boy was still within its reach. Trinity managed to get her younger brother back over the fence then ran and told her mother who called 911.

[source citations] Isaiah Aguilar, 2-years old, was struck down by his neighbor's pit bull.

The boy had been playing with a balloon outside his home when the wind blew it into a neighbor's backyard.

[source citations] Elsie Grace, 91-years old, was discovered dead in a hotel room after being mauled to death by her son's two pit bulls. Duane Wisehart said the victim had "a great deal of trauma to her body." Elsie and her son had been staying at the hotel because they were in the process of relocating to Hemet. Elsie was a nationally known watercolorist who taught for 33 years at Copper Mountain College in Joshua Tree.

[source citations] Christian Gormanous, 4-years old, was mauled to death by his neighbor's chained pit bull.

By the time Aguilar reached him, Isaiah had already stopped breathing.

Police officers transported the child to a hospital in Uvalde, but he did not survive.

In 2013, one fatality involved dogs from two different breeds, thus producing a "death credit" total of 33 rather than 32.

Four dog breeds each contributed to one death, including: rottweiler, husky, boxer and shiba inu.