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27 Apr

Reviewed the podcast [It's the review that ends like a pirate always ends his reviews/convo’s], CHECK. Shared with my fellow pirate captains & shipmates on twitter and in the co-working boat, CHECK. I made sure I listened to each episode before blessed you with five stars. If I don't get an opportunity to personally beat you in chess, just know you have added a tremendous amount of value to my life over the past few days. His talk inspired me to think differently about the art of startups. As I said in my i Tunes review, I've found myself in a much less supportive and dreams-posistive living environment than I've known before, and having voices and real humans to look to and up to in this really accessable way is a lifeline for me. I already had some friends to listen especially after I introduced them to your writing at Ok Dork. Hoping to be amazing enough to have a conversation with you one day, much less you mention me in any one of your resources.

My email list and company is so small I called and told them all individually. You do talk kinda fast, so one has to listen really carefully to catch everything. I heard Noah speak at a lean startup con in Austin 5 years ago. I've only listened to the one episode so far, but it's completely bringing me back to podcasts as of today, regardless of the contest. I look forward to both listening to the rest of the journey here, and perhaps crossing paths one day when I am more of what I can be, which won't be without help, some, most appreciatedly, from you, your companies and your guests. *hugs* Looking forward to playing Disc Golf with you one day or sharing some adventures in Thailand. I wanna be just like you when I grow up (wipes tear from my eye).

“I know the symptoms — my father and grandfather both died from heart attacks — but I thought ‘I’m in pretty good shape, this might be some kind of weird heartburn thing.’ I got tightness in my chest and got hot and sweaty, but it would go away in five or six minutes.

“Yesterday I went to the gym for the first time in a while since I hurt my back.

Noah has been my number one source for internet marketing concepts for years now and I love App Sumo as a product. If you held him to the "are you single" question you might have found yourself moderating the 2020 debates! Keep it up and I'll be sure to tune in often Noah "Tacos" Kagan!

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I know you will reach your goal because you are very specific when you set them. 39 members of the #sumogang posted before me on Twitter. Having Taco Night for dinner at the Tate house in your honor!

I worked out, and started walking around the track and this time it kicked in and it didn’t go away.

I had a friend drive me to the emergency room.” West had a catheter procedure Tuesday night (“They didn’t open me up.”) and is currently in a Las Vegas area hospital.

I love to read so Ep 3 with your Schwarzanager (I can't spell it either) book review gave me a new way to approach summarizing a book. So great that I posted the $hi outta your podcast on T and FB. Great Podcast Noah, it's refreshing to hear straight discussions with your guest.

Specifically, drilling into the specifics on Episode 2 of what worked, what didn't and how to go deeper with goals.