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14 Apr

Delusions and Depravity Fantasy artist Ricky out-Dolcetts Dolcett!

Truly brutal drawings of women being tortured, beheaded, spit-roasted, butchered, etc.

Severe Games A site devoted to "breath control," i.e., hanging, drowning, bagging. Site members can request their favorite fantasies to be custom-produced.

This site also includes Japanese bondage, torture, hot wax, slave training, nipple clips, humiliation and more.

Evil Femme Fatales Video clips of women killing men and women.

All clips categorized and thumbnailed for easy viewing, massive archive with weekely updates.

Photo sets feature exclusive models, are creepily realistic, and include such topics as beheading, amputation, shooting, knifing, cannibalism, asphyxia, crime scenes and much more.

With food coloring, Silly Putty and a lot of imagination these dolls are made to convincingly portray bondage sex, debreasting, impaling, strangulation, shooting, vaginal stabbing and more.These drawings are reminiscent of Dolcett, but Roberts is a much more talented artist The Fem Can Site Drawings, photo-manipulations, and stories relating to female domination, castration, and cannibalism.Where else are you going to get photos of women eating severed cocks? The Dolcett Archives Underground artist Dolcett is a hero to sickos everywhere and inspired much of the "snuff," "cannibalism" and "asphyxia" material linked elsewhere on this site.All time best disclaimer page: to get in, you have to agree with the following statement: "When I see beautiful women.I never fantasize to have sex with them, like other men do.