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07 Feb

After five successive quarters where Apple has reported record revenues, the first three months of 2016 are likely to be the worst in 13 years.The firm warned investors in January that a decline was imminent, and the official earnings report is expected later today.Change it and there is no reason for me to stick with Apple. As soon as you buy it’s out of date in five months, it’s becoming a joke.’Answering his own question, he added: ‘Have you guys ever heard of planned obsolescence?This is why [the late Apple boss] Steve Jobs would have said “No” to this idea. It is an opportunity for Samsung [a major Apple rival].’Another reader, Ross, wrote: ‘How much more – my i Pad2 32GB is not a year old yet but in Apple’s eyes it’s old already. It’s a practice which encourages planning and designing a product so it’s only useful for a limited time, before becoming obsolete.’ Robert Scoble, another blogger, said the move would give Apple tighter control over accessory makers.Come share a day of fun in the sun at one of our favorite local hotspots!

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