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10 Feb

The excited, unadulterated joy and maybe a little fear assault your senses. I remember lying in bed, about as tired as a drugged out meth addict on a sugar high.

Of course, your worries about whether you’ll get the new G. Joe (hey I’m a child of the 80s), pale in comparison to the thoughts of anticipation that keep us wired in our older years.

The look that makes any string of words superfluous.People are too careful to say what they really think. Wordless forms of communication mean more than any flowery poem or passionate declaration of commitment. The interesting thing is I never heard any jokes about my name until high school when someone noticed it was such a “country name”. In fact, I earned the nickname, “Killer” (no, that’s not a typo). This became my moniker and a facade for me to hide behind.Fear not, I was about as much of a “killer” as “Doctor Dre” is a physician.As a child, you can barely keep your eyes closed and your mind shut off long enough to fall asleep on Christmas Eve. And let’s not even touch the eve before the first day of the school year. As we age these anticipations and the worries about these eves for these days change.Thanksgiving Eve is notorious for being the event of the year for any 20 or 30 year old back home. New Year’s Eve has nothing on Thanksgiving Eve in the sleepy suburbs of Boston.