Who is brandon davis dating Free 24 7 live i need to chat

08 Feb

Brandon has been linked to a number of high-profile women in the past including Paris Hilton and Mischa Barton.Brandon Davis is one of the youngest businessmen from United States.Edit He was also in relationship with Paris Hilton. They were also close friend before they began dating each other.

Edit He was once in relationship with Mischa Barton.Brandon Davis has found another way to bring negative attention to himself, taking to Twitter to call his ex-girlfriend Mischa Barton a fat "hefer" (sic).He caught sight of her at a party for Nylon Wednesday night in LA and unleashed the following: Brandon is an oil heir who is most famous for his oily complexion, dating Mischa Barton during her 'O. Brandon was overweight until a couple of years ago.A partygoer said Mischa was upset by the encounter with her ex and left around midnight."She was chain-smoking the entire night," the source told the Daily News.