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30 Jul

The row comes as the soap is facing controversy over another of its current storylines.

The BBC has received more than 200 complaints about the plot in which a paedophile grooms a 15-year-old girl.

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The regulator had 116 complaints from viewers who said the scenes featuring character Max Branning were 'unsuitable' for the time they went out.

In February the BBC1 soap was found to have again breach TV rules after showing a gang attack on the Queen Vic pub.

That was more than double the number caused by any other programme.

In June this year media regulator censured the BBC for scenes in East Enders in which a character was drugged and buried alive.

Please note Islam does not advocate killing; in most religions, killing is a major sin. Islam does have a dress code that places an emphasis on modesty, which all Muslims are required to follow.

Unique among the world's religions in the ease with which new members may join its ranks, Islam requires only a simple, sincere declaration of faith to become a Muslim.

The declaration is not to be made lightly, however - devoting oneself to a life guided by Islamic principles is one of the most important (if not the most important) acts you'll ever make.

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