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27 May

PBS' mission is to provide effective, mobile, and sustainable workplace solutions for federal agencies, for the benefit of the American Taxpayer.

Professional Architect and Engineer IDIQ contract(s) are key to providing efficient and effective design solutions that enable PBS and its customer Federal Agencies to maintain continuous operational support of Americans.

The benefits fall below the requirement per FAR 7.107­2(d)(2) of 10 percent of the estimated contract value for contracts below million.

The General Services Administration (GSA), Public Buildings Service Region 4 analyzed the benefits of establishing one single award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) for continuous and recurring needs of small construction projects that may arise at owned and leased properties within the counties of Hillsborough and Lee counties in Florida.Consolidation of the requirements will result in cost savings estimated at 17.39% of the total contract value, which exceeds the requirement per FAR 7.107-2(d) of 10% of the estimated contract value for contracts below million.In addition to the significant quantified cost savings, the contract will benefit from expediting the ordering process, reducing procurement lead times, simplifying the ordering process, and facilitating the process of obtaining security clearances for pre-qualified contractors for long-range resource planning.In addition to the above and quantified cost savings, the contract(s) will benefit from decreased procurement administrative lead times, reduced risk of delayed projects completions, increased customer satisfaction through expedited delivery, and provide a streamlined ordering process for anticipated and unforeseen needs.The cost savings and other benefits that will be realized as a result of this consolidated contract(s) outweigh the potential negative impacts to small business, which are anticipated to be negligible because the IDIQ will be set-aside for small businesses.