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03 Mar

This court jester’s pimping and simping game knows no bounds, first failing to hold black women accountable for their multitude of transgressions, then further committing even more iniquity by encouraging women in an unhealthy state to remain that way.

Didn’t I just deal with this very issue concerning the simp/pimp Derrick Jaxn and his “Stretch Mark Lover t-shirt in ?

In 2017 pimping black women is an extremely lucrative business, at this stage black women might aswell walk around with signs on their foreheads saying “I’m A Dummy, Come And Take My Money”.

Naninck is quite late on the scene, , the white man that every black woman loves, drools over and worships launched his simp to pimp campaign over 2 years ago and has only gone from strength to strength, all things being made possible by the black female dollar.

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Of course I am not calling him out for the sake of black women, they have made it known in no uncertain terms that they enjoy being used, abused, pimped and merchandised, so more power to them.

Unlike Naninck I will not give black women a pass on their dysfunctional behaviour, nor will I allow them to play the victim at anytime.

Naninck must be called out because he has a hidden agenda.

At the time of writing this article Coen Naninck has receive 8 Patreon subscribers on his interracial Patreon site, as we all know it is only a matter of time until more black women begin to throw even more money down at Naninck’s feet.

All of the pimp/simps follow the same pattern as the , lie to black women ie tell them what they want to hear, don’t ever hold them responsible nor accountable for their actions and bad decisions and simply wait for the money to pile in by the bucket loads.