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30 Sep

SRI SRI RAVI SHANKAR AND THE ‘ART OF LIVING’ (critique taken from NEW WEBSITE: article was taken from this website) SEPTEMBER / DECEMBER 2006While on a visit to Bangalore, I dropped in at the home of an old friend who had been the president of our parish’s Catholic Association of which I was a council member years ago when we lived in New Delhi.He told me that he was doing an “Art of Living” [AOL] course.The reason: he was in a stressful job and he believed that AOL would help him manage his stress.It did not really surprise me to find him doing AOL- apart from his busyness in parish activities, he had never exhibited any substantial spiritual interests, not even the common Catholic pieties and devotions.These gurus offer some or the other sort of spiritual guidance, consolation and hope to the masses; and have become billionaires several times over in the process.Do the teachings of these gurus supplement, complement or enhance what is already available through the ministry of the Church and in Biblical revelation ?His teachings are available as audiotapes, video recordings and books.“Wisdom For The New Millennium” [WNM] is a popular [1999, ISBN: 81-7811-002-4] book containing the gurus main themes from which I will quote a lot.

Its conceiver and founder pontificates on every imagineable spiritual issue from the New Age to Human Values in the Classroom, from Death to Karma and Reincarnation, from Wealth to Health, from Healing with Consciousness to Yoga and Meditation, from Jesus Christ to the Buddha, from Sin to Heaven and Hell.In the case of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, they are an amalgam of a little truth [enough to distort reality for the not-so-informed], some common sense [to learn which one does not have to pay a guru], dashes of sheer nonsense garnished with a good bit of utter rubbish, a few distortions of Jesus’ sayings from the New Testament, and a fair sprinkling of downright lies. The first page of the WNM book eulogizes Sri Sri’s “amazing breadth of knowledge on topics ranging from mundane issues, like how to deal with anger and other disturbances, to clear and concise commentaries on many of the world’s greatest spiritual texts, all the way to vivid descriptions of the state of full enlightenment,” and “his educational programs [that] offer innovative tools for reducing stress, improving health, and living life to its fullest with more joy and enthusiasm.”The ‘New Millennium’ that the guru is talking about is nothing other than the NEW AGE as we shall see shortly.So, the “Wisdom’ that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is offering us is simply his prescription for New Age living.Some other works include “An Intimate Note to the Sincere Seeker”, “Bang on the Door”, “Waves of Beauty”, and “God Loves Fun”.The best way to categorize a guru is to analyse his beliefs and philosophies as espoused in his discourses and writings.