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10 May

Pictured: Locals alighting from a bus in Rinkeby Defence: But the Swedish government has rejected President Trump's criticism of its immigration policy, saying the problems in the area are caused by 'unemployment and problems with housing'.Pictured: Local residents in Rinkeby Street battle: One shopkeeper in Rinkeby spoke of an 'ongoing war' between criminals and the police while local man Ahmed, a 31-year-old refugee from the Yemen, said the situation was 'so terrible' she is scared to leave her own apartment.He went as far as to claim if his picture was published, he would be attacked by gangs who terrorise the area.

'They come in here and grab pairs of expensive shoes and just walk out.

Fellow members of his gang, known as the 'Rinkeby Network', tried to release Hassan – who had been jailed aged 15 for eight counts including aggravated assault, robbery and burglary – launching rocks and bottles at police.

One officer drew his pistol and fired into the crowd of youths such was the level of violence the officers were subjected to on Monday night.

There is nothing I can do.'If I report them to the police they will torch the store.

They are usually about 40 to 50 thugs hanging out here on the square at night.'They sell drugs and stolen goods and are in control of the entire area.