Spreadsheet formulas not updating automatically

26 Apr

There was only one problem: these spreadsheets were tied to a single machine, which made it difficult to share data.

Plus, if your sheet was accidentally erased or lost due to computer failure, it was gone for good.

Feel free to select any cell you’d like, then go ahead and type something in.

When you’re done entering data into a cell, you can do one of 4 things: Copy & Paste is pretty self-explanatory, but there are times when you’ll try to copy a "spreadsheet-y" set of data from a website or PDF, and it will just paste into one cell or format everything with the original styling.

Note: Make sure you only click once on a cell before pasting data, so Google Sheets will turn it into a list with each item in its own cell.

If you've never used Google Sheets—or, especially if you've never used a spreadsheet before—be sure to check out Google's Getting Started Guide for Sheets.

You may also want to bookmark Google's spreadsheet function list as a quick reference.

So your first task should be obvious: Add some data!

Look around the white-and-grey grid that occupies most of your screen, and the first thing you’ll notice is a blue outline around the selected cell or cells.