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05 Aug

Very often we see some scam forums with the same question to post frequently – how to detect main features of scam activity? One of the useless way is to sit and wait until receive special request from your interlocutor for some money to help.But the point is you do not waste your time and run to this moment exactly.Indeed drunkard is a problem of any society of different countries and the reason is deeply in layer a person is from.But why is there any need to paste this in the profile?There is no need to figure out why do they do that.Probably they are lack of a good profile translator or may be someone else is sitting and pasting hundreds of such profiles each day making typical specific mistakes.

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You are honest, sincere, reliable and responsible, you enjoy life in all colours and who is ready for a family, – this is what I want too.” Still having doubts about this? If you see many of them but with other particular data – you got a complete smart scam sample with changing names.. – this is typical Russian people’s perception of many foreign people used from some cheap movies with the same heroes and stereotypes, mainly wrong. You can read many stories about drinking problems with husband and fast divorce due to this reason.

I’m unpredictable and sociable, I like surprises to get and to make.

I respect family values and truly want to have children raised like I was raised: in love and happiness.” Can you collate two different ways of telling about yourself? Mari El gives another example of scam letter: “I am a woman f your dreams, be sure. Moreover I bet you understand that we match each other because I am strong, happy, young, kind and mature woman.

Moreover you start getting any special feelings to this person (oh, no! Maybe you will reconsider your attitude and change your mind – the issue is on dangerous position as your time is your arms.

So right now we would like you to read carefully some advices how to uncover signs that scam artist can give themselves away.