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13 Jun

The Nordic diet was all the rage long before hygge hugged the nation, based on the staples of Scandinavian cuisine.

A 2013 study found that following a ‘Nordic diet’ of whole-grain products such as Ryvita-style ‘knackebrod’, fish three times a week, root veg, berries, locally sourced fruits such as apples and plums and avoiding sugar-sweetened foods, lowered cholesterol.

Add the spices, orange zest and treacle or molasses and beat again, then add 2 tbsp of the milk.

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A 2013 study by scientists at Gothenburg University found that singing in unison has similar benefits to yoga.

What first springs to mind when you think about Scandinavians?

Genetically blessed blondes, pickled fish and a functioning welfare state?

For Swedish people like me, the traditional midsummer celebration is the essence of ‘hygge’, but its philosophy goes far beyond an annual lunch in the garden: it is a mentality shared by all Viking descendants.

This is backed up by several studies which have found that those who exercise outdoors are more likely to keep up a consistent routine.