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12 May

But might there be a drug-free treatment that could cure me?

That's the alluring claim made by Sofia Benke, a glamorous Hungarian who has just opened the Salt Cave in South London.

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This has resulted in 5,000 happily married clients.

There is a rectangular hole, behind which is a £20,000 machine from Lithuania that looks like a cross between a microwave oven and a coffee grinder. The problem with something like allergic rhinitis is that taking yourself out of your usual environment and just relaxing may well have such a large placebo effect that it'd be difficult to identify what the added effect of being in a salty environment is.' Asthma experts, too, are yet to be convinced.

This contraption is the heart of the operation: it pumps tiny particles of salt into the air. The lights are dim, there's the sound of ocean waves piped in and there are newspapers to read. A comprehensive independent review of all the reliable studies looking into salt caves and asthma was carried out in 2001.

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My GP prescribed antibiotics and a steroid nasal spray, but I didn't get any better. I thought: "What would I do if I was still in Hungary?

I'd go to a salt cave." 'In Hungary, the treatment is recognised by doctors and health professionals and is covered by health insurance.

It's the same in many Eastern European countries.' Salt caves were first used medicinally after a Polish physician noted in 1843 that salt miners rarely suffered from respiratory diseases.

One theory, according to Benke, is that salt's antiseptic properties help fight bacteria.