Gypsy sync error messages when updating

20 Sep

Using the Installation Center (available for download here) Once within the product chunks directory, locate the ".ewui" file (instruments update) or the ".ewus" file (samples update) for the product.

This file can be opened with the Text Edit Application on a Mac, or the Notepad/Wordpad Application on Windows.

This includes a fast, multi-core CPU and SSD drives for sample streaming.

This setting uses the least amount of RAM (resulting in the fastest loading time and smallest memory footprint), but requires fast SSD drives for smooth playback.

If your DAW requires you to manually scan the VST plugin directory, please refer to your DAWs documentation for instructions.

By default, if you have previously installed PLAY on your computer, the PLAY software update will automatically read the registry to determine where the existing PLAY VST plugin is installed to, and will update the PLAY VST in that location.If your license(s) are deposited on your i Lok key, simply move the key to the new computer and you're ready to go.If your license(s) are activated on the computer you're moving from (called a machine license) you'll need to deactivate the existing machine license first, then activate it to the new computer.If you have not installed PLAY before, the PLAY software update will install the PLAY VST plugin into the following default location: Simply copy the “play_VST_x64.dll” from this default directory above and paste it into the VST plugin directory that your preferred DAW uses.The next time you launch your DAW, it should scan the plugin directory and make PLAY available as a plugin.