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24 May

You will be part of a team of qualified Commercial Account Managers that will be responsible for acquisition, retention, and growth of our Commercial Customers.

Of course that should have been a no-brainer for everyone — with the exception of the guy I hope will soon be our former governor and a few folks still digging paychecks out of the Pebble Partnership.

If I couldn’t find a few silver linings, I’d have to insist that we stop having elections and just put our political offices on e Bay.

My poll watching this week has been somewhat obscured by a boat and bait, so I was a bit surprised that Dan Sullivan doesn’t want to wait for my vote to be counted.

The wringing of hands and hearts seems a bit over the top in reaction to this week’s election.

Despite the bipolar quality of the results so far, I’m hopeful for the future of our state.