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03 Mar

Lacking the capital it would need to seize marketing opportunities in this growing area, California Star was acquired by the Pacific Coast Oil Co. In 1895, the company initiated its enduring marine history when it launched California’s first steel tanker, the , which could ship 6,500 barrels of crude between Ventura and San Francisco. opened a three-person, second-story office in San Francisco.Despite its modest trappings, Standard possessed marketing acumen, outstanding products, an aggressive advertising philosophy and financial backing from its New York parent.

Through the acquisition, Iowa Standard gained a presence in the production, transportation and refining businesses.

Iowa Standard quickly became the area’s major seller of kerosene, and by 1900, the company controlled a staggering 96.5 percent of the Western market in light oils.

Lacking Iowa Standard’s marketing savvy and financial clout, Coast Oil had been struggling, despite its successful record of exploration and production.

Our company has a long, robust history, which began when a group of explorers and merchants established the Pacific Coast Oil Co. Chevron's earliest predecessor, Pacific Coast Oil Co., was incorporated in 1879 in San Francisco.

Since then, our company’s name has changed more than once, but we’ve always retained our founders’ spirit, grit, innovation and perseverance.