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19 Apr

Conducting a job analysis audit to objectively identify the core competencies required for a given job, and then customizing a list of behavioral-based interview questions like the ones mentioned above, to identify those competencies, can significantly reduce your exposure to employment practices claims and increase your potential for hiring top performers.By instituting guidelines such as these, and making sure that your organization's managers follow them, you will have gone far in reducing your risk of a lawsuit from an employee or job applicant.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------*Mike Posey is Vice President of ZERORISK HR, Inc., a Dallas-based Human Resources risk management firm and exclusive provider of ZERORISK Hiring System.It is also important to avoid making statements during the interview process that could be alleged to create a contract of employment.When describing the job avoid using terms like "permanent," "career job opportunity," or "long term."Interviewers should also avoid making excessive assurances about job security.We all know how litigious our society has become in the area of employment-related issues.Every recruiter, hiring manager, executive, and department manager must realize that asking illegal interview questions or making improper inquiries can lead to discrimination or wrongful-discharge lawsuits, and these suits can be won or lost based on statements made during the interview process.These same "risk wise" companies will conduct a job analysis audit for every position within their companies to establish the types of behavioral and situational questions necessary for their interviewing process.A job analysis audit is a process whereby a company compiles objective data of what is required to be successful in a given position.

To minimize the risk of discrimination lawsuits, it’s important for interviewers to be familiar with topics that aren’t permissible as interview questions. For example, you shouldn’t ask a female applicant detailed questions about her husband, children and family plans.

Most companies have at least two people responsible for interviewing and hiring applicants.

It's critical to have procedures to ensure consistency.

This process establishes a hiring “benchmark” or interviewing "guide" to follow.

The resulting list of critical competencies is what interviewers will use to evaluate candidates.