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30 Jun

Hypothesis 1: There will be a general ‘ability to tolerate ambiguity’ which links being able to see the spinning dancer go either direction, being able to see the face mask either direction, and being simultaneously aware of both meanings of the sentence about reading books.

In other words, all three of these areas will correlate with each other. Results: I ran correlations between Spinning Dancer, Face Mask, Read This Book, and Puns.

A spokesman for the pharmaceutical firm said that 1.06 per cent those on Champix had problems, compared with 0.82 per cent of those on placebo - meaning the true increase in risk was less than a quarter of one per cent.

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It also takes away the enjoyment of having a cigarette.

The pooled odds ratios (OR) (OR [95% confidence interval]) for the tumor size, length of the procedure, en bloc resection, curative resection, recurrence, additional surgery, delayed bleeding, and perforation by ESD versus EMR were 7.38 (6.42-8.34), 58.07 (36.27-79.88), 6.84 (3.30-14.18), 4.26 (3.77-6.57), 0.08 (0.04-0.17), 2.16 (1.16-4.03), 0.85 (0.45-1.60), and 4.96 (2.79-8.85), respectively.

The size of the tumor and rate of en bloc resection and curative resection were higher, and the rate of recurrence was lower in the ESD group versus the EMR group.

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