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26 May

One defendant, a fraternity member, is accused of deleting the video as police were seeking the footage in February.

When authorities initially evaluated the video footage, fraternity brothers led police to believe that the basement cameras had been inoperable the night that new pledges were going through the hazing. J., suffered a fractured skull, shattered spleen and other injuries after falling on the basement stairs.

Brothers furnished beer to pledges at a beer pong gauntlet station and immediately handed them beers to perform another shotgun together as a pledge class.

On the video, fraternity brothers approach the pledges with alcohol, requiring them to drink wine, beer and vodka.

One project, Rhythm of Life, is trying to break this cycle by ensuring that the daughters of sex workers stay in school.

to be tens of thousands of sex workers in Uganda, many of whom live and work in the slums.

"Justice needs to be done."Not only does Penn State need to take a tougher stand against hazing and drinking, but the fraternity members, who said that they did not know what happened that evening, should "man up," Jim Piazza said.

The uncovered footage sheds fresh light on the events that resulted in the 19-year-old's death, Jim Piazza, Tim Piazza's father, said Monday afternoon."Now we know," he said, his voice often breaking as he read a prepared statement.In 2007, Natalee’s mother, Beth Twitty, aka Beth Holloway, began dating none other than John Ramsey—father of the slain six year old Jon Benet Ramsey—thought by many to be involved in some capacity in the death of his daughter, and even of another daughter from a previous marriage.…continue reading » Jacob had not been particularly jealous of her when she went to London.His blood-alcohol content was estimated at several times the legal limit for adult drivers.The house’s security system captured many of the events the night the younger Piazza was injured, footage that already had been played at a preliminary hearing for those previously charged.