Public folder favorites not updating

02 Sep

During migration, public folder rules are migrated along with the data and are kept as public folder rules and are not converted to mailbox rules.Permissions automatically migrate at the folder level with the data.Please consider, however, that once the process below is completed, permissions might not be available in real time to the user, since permission replication over the whole infrastructure might take a while. Select Editor permissions (which will provide full access) and click OK. This quick action could actually bring the shared mailbox back in sync again. Reasons for this could include a data storage device failure (bad sectors on the hard disk); networking connection failure (if the network connection has a problem, then the synchronization process will be aborted and the OST file is likely to get corrupted); incorrect file system recovery; or viruses.

The Public Folder favorites might actually be folders created at the Exchange end and work differently.I have reviewed the possibly faulty XML file with corrupted settings, it looks no different to a working one.I have tried to work out what the file does, line by line but there is no real explanation online of the settings.In order for users to access their Outlook favorite public folders, they must also add them to their Favorites in Outlook on the web.The Outlook client does not automatically sync public folders with Outlook on the web.