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02 Oct

For an non UK domiciled individual, only UK assets are chargeable to inheritance tax.

Domicile essentially means the place than an individual regards as "home".

An individual (including a partner) must give details of any chargeable gains or allowable losses on their self assessment return, and is charged capital gains tax on gains made.

77.54 Capital gains in a liquidation A company remains liable for corporation tax on capital gains resulting from disposals made after the liquidation [note 1].

A company's capital gains are included in its profit figure and are charged to corporation tax.

Certain assets are exempt from capital gains tax on their disposal, e.g.

an individual's only or main residence, and those that are not exempt are called chargeable assets.

Thus, whatever the surviving spouse doesn’t actually spend from the bypass trust can flow estate-tax-free to the future beneficiaries.

While the bypass trust can be very efficient to minimize a family’s estate tax exposure, though, a significant caveat of the strategy is that it’s tax purposes.