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30 Nov

Meyers will portray Patrick Pearse, a political activist and one of the leaders of the bloody 1916 Irish Easter Rising, in the centennial commemoration biopic film The Rising, written and produced by Kevin Mc Cann.Fotoula was simply marrying outside her ethnic background.But what her family indulged as a harmless past time, they begin to object to as it threatens to consume her life.Willing to do anything to keep playing, Jess invents a summer job so she can sneak off and continue playing.Jess bonds with her teammates in a montage to a song, Jess goes shopping for soccer shoes in a montage to a song, Jess goes to the big game in a montage to a song.I can appreciate Blondie's ' Atomic' as much as the next guy, and I liked the infectious dance beat of ' Kuria Punjab Diya', but these numerous musical interludes slow the movie down too much.He also starred in the NBC drama series Dracula (2013–14) as the title character.Meyers appeared in the 2015 film Stonewall, directed by Roland Emmerich.

In 2013, Meyers appeared as the villain Valentine Morgenstern in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, based on Cassandra Clare's novel, City of Bones.

Of the four, "This Time" and "Break" were considered in the Best Original Song category of the 80th Academy Awards.

Besides acting, Jonathan has also modelled for several clothing companies.

In 1999, he appeared in Ride with the Devil as psychopathic guerrilla fighter Pitt Mackeson.

Meyers has starred in television series including Gormenghast (2000) and in the CBS 4-hour mini-series Elvis (2005) as Elvis Presley alongside Randy Quaid as Colonel Tom Parker, but didn't sing for his role in the miniseries.