2016 maps of dating site

28 Jan

Despite this, they’ve become the normal way to meet people and ask them out. Because Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps out there, and the obvious first choice in our list of the best dating apps.As successful as it is forming long-distance relationships and successful marriages, Tinder has long been accused of changing dating into some form of hookup game.New entries since last June analysis highlighted in yellow.World Map of Social Networks Poster /// LIKE – SHARE – BUY IT To put this infographic on your web site, just copy and paste the HTML code below: [Versione italiana dell’analisi di dicembre] /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// A map of the world, showing the most popular social networks by country, according to Alexa & Google Trends for Websites traffic data* (June 2010).

Zuckerberg has only three antagonists: VK (VKontakte) and Odnoklassniki (part of the same group Mail.ru) in Russian territories, and QZone in China. Instagram is the runner-up social network in 23 countries, but in the past 12 months Twitter has gained traction in 22 nations.

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Grab the embedding code Some visible changes to highlight since December 09 map (see below): Month after month Facebook continues to gain users around the world (almost 500 millions).

Below you will find an updated version plus an infographic poster of all changes since June 2009.

Zuckerberg’s creature continues to gain users around the world (almost 600 millions).