Chatbot for adults only

15 Oct

We all know that voice searches have results in SERPs.Interestingly, a voice search query can sometimes indirectly lead to a SERP with ads being served as well.Recently at SMX West, Google’s Director of Conversational Search Behshad Behzadi presented a keynote on how Google is approaching voice search.Behzadi shared that Google has seen the ratio of voice search growing much faster than text search.But again, we’ve just started learning how to use voice search.We ran these tests 10 months ago, and I expect a follow-up would show longer query length for speech.Why do you think so many people are asking for directions? In his talk, Behzadi said they believed the future of search was Interesting and quite possibly true.It just so happens that at Microsoft we have one of these — with Windows 10 launching this past summer with Cortana.

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Today, Google’s speech recognition error rate is only 8%, down from ~25% just two short years ago.Are your ads showing up as a result of a voice search query? Okay, we’ve seen that voice is here to stay and it keeps growing, so let’s explore the five most important ways voice and text search differ.The first thing we think about is query length, right? We pulled data for query length for Cortana searches and compared that with query length for general text searches.” I think it’s because people are expecting a jokey answer. We cannot measure which queries coming into a search engine are coming from text input and which are coming from voice input.Early news articles about Cortana really enjoyed the fact that she answered the question, “Who’s your daddy? But we measure what queries via Cortana are happening from text and which from voice — because Cortana is part of the Windows 10 operating system.