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12 May

An epidemic of several silkworm diseases caused production to fall, especially in France, where the industry never recovered.

In the 20th century Japan and China regained their earlier role in silk production, and China is now once again the world’s largest producer of silk.

She then had the idea to weave some of it, so she kept some for herself.

Having observed the life of the silk worm on the recommendation of her husband, the Yellow Emperor, she began to instruct her entourage in the art of raising silk worms, sericulture.

Though silk was exported to foreign countries in great amounts, sericulture remained a secret that the Chinese carefully guarded.

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Not confined to clothing, silk was also used for a number of other applications, including writing, and the color of silk worn was an important guide of social class during the Tang Dynasty.

From this point, the girl became the goddess of silk in Chinese mythology.

Silk eventually left China via the heir of a princess who was promised to a prince of Khotan.

A lacquerware painting from the Jingmen Tomb (Chinese: 荊門楚墓; Pinyin: Jīngmén chǔ mù) of the State of Chu (704–223 BC), depicting men wearing precursors to Hanfu (i.e.

traditional silk dress) and riding in a two-horsed chariot Wishing to extract it from her drink, the 14-year-old girl began to unroll the thread of the cocoon.