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08 Feb

I watch them for some time and since i am beyond the point of no return, i go over to and try to join them. My experiences are that more often than not, guys are very mean and hurtful in the sauna situations.

Guy 1 now gives me a glaring look that implies that i am being a pest. If you can put up with that, you can have a good time.

Go to Equinox if you prefer actors that are actually working. And then today the same guy walked in as I had a hard on, admiring another guy with a hard on. If he complains to management and I'm confronted or questioned I'll deny it and say he was mistaken. All the same I'm going to go at a different time so I can avoid this guy now.[quote]Do you belong to just the one location, or do you have the "passport" membership? I have a dual membership to both major fitness facilities on campus. Another time this younger guy wanted me to fuck him in the showers. Both the Joe's from NJ are notorious Sauna/Steam whores and I've jerked off with one of them that was on display.[quote]My old health club in L. R40 Was this the 24 Hour Fitness in West Hollywood?

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if they find u attr they will strip and enter or wont bother.I know the first time I saw anything at my gym, it was the locker room attendant jacking someone off in a shower stall.That kid is always horny and has been there for years. reason guys come fully dressed into sauna is tob check out whos there.I still mourn for the Bally at 20th/6th that closed last year.