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13 May

"Some boys or girls, they expect that sex is violent — [that] it is OK to use chains or whips, to hurt someone."These are the words of a teenage girl, and similar statements are leading experts to warn that internet pornography is fast becoming the primary way young people learn about, and understand, sex.Thanks to modern technology, pornography has become more accessible and more normal than ever, and sex educator Maree Crabbe says it is a pervasive problem."Porn is arguably the most prominent sexual educator for many, perhaps all young people," she told 730."They're seeing a normalisation of sex acts that most people in the real world aren't engaging in or are not keen on."Psychologist Russell Pratt said many young men believe the fantasy they see on the screen is real, and that the common porn script often includes violence or aggression towards women."If a young person who is 13 or 14 years old has been looking at porn for maybe a year, most likely hasn't had any sexual activities or sexual interaction with anyone, really why wouldn't they believe it? Eighteen-year-old Annie Hill said she had seen how pornography affected the behaviour and expectations of boys."Hardcore sex like that is the norm," she said."All the available porn is like next-level stuff; it's like there's no romance affiliated with sex anymore."She said there was increasing pressure on young women to comply with boys' demands."The boys want to be dominant," she said."They think your body is something they can share around, do whatever they want with it."There's no romance affiliated with sex anymore."Author and women's advocate Melinda Tankard-Reist said she could not keep up with the requests from schools to go and address students on the topic.Allowing only the best of the best to be uploaded they have a unique collection of streaming porn videos. Make new friends For those needing a time-out from porn there is the relatively new social networking site Yo Plaza.Browse through thousands of people from around the world looking for that one special person or maybe just to make new online friends. With our easy teen porn tube you cannot stop watching porn movies!

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