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15 Apr

She feels so humiliated and wants nothing more than to punish him for what he has done.

She invites over a hot guy she has met at the gym and decides she is going to carry out the ultimate betrayal, by taking him to her marital bed.

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He is most notable for his time as lead vocalist in L. Guns, with whom he wrote most of their self-titled debut album. In the 1970s, his high school rock band was called Your Mother. In 1978 he was a percussion major at San Jose State University. band was Mad Captions who played CBGB in New York and The Hot Club in Philadelphia with The Dead Boys.

Paul and Barnabus then went forth on a mission to Cypress and throughout Asia Minor.

They established several churches in their travels.

Paul also began putting together a side project for his songs to be called Faster Pussycat with guitarist Mick Cripps. Guns because the owner of the name, Raz, offered to back the band if this line up would re-use L. Guns, a name which had been abandoned over a year prior by a former band of Tracii's. From 1985 to March 1987 Paul Black wrote and co-wrote a number of songs which led L. Paul Black has recently been acknowledged for his contributions to L. In 2000 Paul Black wrote and recorded an album with Jo Almeida of Dogs D'Amour called Jo & Paul's Sonic Boom, Sun Down And Yellow Moon. Guns with himself on lead vocals called Black City Breakdown (1985-1986) and Black List and a CD of Sonic Boom Sun Down And Yellow Moon on his own label "Black City Records".

Paul switched to lead vocals, Mick switched to bass, and the two joined guitarist Tracii Guns and drummer Nickey "Beat" Alexander and later on guitarist Robert Stoddard to complete this line up. The band itself did about 8 shows with different rhythm sections.