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08 Jul

Very comfortable L shape seating area with Flat screen TV/DVD and flame effect mini heater 101,000 miles. Reason for sale is the age of the owner and not the age of the van.The vehicle has been SORN'ed and wintered in indoor storage for the last 12 years (Oct - April).In 1858, he formed an alliance with France, one that included a pledge of military support if necessary, against Austria, Italy's major obstacle to unification.After a planned provocation of Vienna, Austria declared war against Sardinia in 1859 and was easily defeated by the French army.There’s a Kitchen area with worktops & cupboards, shower/toilet cubicle with basin & small wardrobe for extra storage space.2 double beds An ideal starter motorhome in superb condition and ready to go.Inspired by Cavour's success against Austria, revolutionary assemblies in the central Italian provinces of Tuscany, Parma, Modena, and Romagna voted in favor of unification with Sardinia in the summer of 1859.In the spring of 1860, Garibaldi came out of his self-imposed exile to lead a latter day Red Shirt army, known as the Thousand, in southern Italy.

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When Prussia defeated Austria in a war in 1866, Italy struck a deal with Berlin, forcing Vienna to turn over Venetia. Garibaldi, a democrat, a warrior, and an anti-Catholic, was without question on the road to conflict with the monarchies of Europe.

He allied with France when necessary and with France's key enemy, Prussia, was necessary.

By keeping the goal in mind, Cavour used international power to achieve his domestic goals.

To put an end to Garibaldi's offensive, Cavour ordered Sardinian troops into the Papal States and the Kingdom of Naples.

After securing important victories in these regions, Cavour organized plebiscites, or popular votes, to annex Naples to Sardinia.