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26 Jan

Good…touch your toes…There is the softer gentle style that a woman may like…thrust…mmm…and then there is the Prison style where you have no choice..hard thrusts…ooh”These and many other words, emotions and experiences are still going through me a day after my Second time in The Facility.The straight forward approach she adopted exuded warmth.

Being led into the room where the mistresses were waiting for us certainly was a nervous moment, but we were made to feel welcome, although that still didn’t quell my nerves as to what I was letting myself in for.

Mutual respect is the key word here, even though it was very clear who was in control.

Goddess Cleo also kept a watchful eye over proceedings, as well as engaging in some delightful play, and took great pleasure in the assembled gentlemen’s spaced-out expressions.

As an example, Governess Painless really made an impression, and truly opened my eyes to a style of play I’d not expected; an approach that seemed gentle even when it explored things I may have struggled to endure otherwise, but found delightful.

No harsh words were spoken; frankly, they are never necessary.