Dating hofner basses

24 Dec

Paul arrived in Hamburg as a six-string guitar player, toting a brand-new Rosetti Solid Seven electric guitar that he purchased in Liverpool.

In a 1995 interview for Bass Player Magazine, Mc Cartney says of the Rosetti: ” It was a terrible guitar. It had a nice paint job, but it was a disastrous, cheap guitar.

It’s no secret that celebrity endorsements increase a product’s sales.

It doesn’t seem to make any difference whether the endorsement is paid or unpaid.

Oprah endorsed the Clarisonic skincare device on her show, and sales rose from 1.7 million in 2005 to more than 40 million in 2008.

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned the i Grill on his Facebook page, and two hours later the i Grill website crashed due to an overwhelming number of visitors.

Paul Mc Cartney played a Hofner 500/1 bass on the Ed Sullivan Show in front of 73 million people, and the Hofner violin bass became a rock-and-roll icon.

The laminated spruce didn’t vibrate as freely as the solid-spruce top, but it was much more durable and less prone to cracking.

If you find what you think is an early Hofner bass with a serial number in that location, it is not a Hofner number.

There are a couple of places on the guitar where numbers can help you date the instrument. Place an inspection mirror in one F hole and a flashlight in the other.

For example 397 would be the 39th week of either 1957, 1967, 1977 and so on.

To add to the confusion, it was common for manufacturers to use parts that they had on hand, so older parts may sometimes appear on newer models.