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The Battle of Roosebeke (1382), for example, brilliantly won by the royal troops, was prosecuted solely for the benefit of Philip of Burgundy.

The treasury surplus carefully accumulated by Charles V was quickly squandered.

However, unable to concentrate or make decisions, political power was taken away from him by prominent French nobles who were also his close relatives (the princes of the blood), whose rivalries and disputes would cause much chaos and conflict in France.

A fierce struggle for power developed between the king's brother (Louis I of Orléans) and cousin (John the Fearless, Duke of Burgundy since his father Philip's death in 1404).

The introduction of the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry (USALI) in 1927, spearheaded by PKF's founding father William J Forster, marks the beginning of the firm's dedicated hospitality advisory activities, supported by elaborate financial surveys and relevant benchmarking services tailor-made for a globally emerging industry.

In 1388 Charles VI dismissed his uncles and brought back to power his father's former advisers, known as the Marmousets.Although the royal age of majority was fixed at 14, the dukes maintained their grip on Charles until he took power at the age of 21.During the rule of his uncles, the financial resources of the kingdom, painstakingly built up by his father, Charles V, were squandered for the personal profit of the dukes, whose interests were frequently divergent or even opposed.Charles VI brought the regency to an end in 1388, taking up personal rule.He restored to power the highly-competent advisors of Charles V, known as the Marmousets, when he was 17 and she was 14 (and considered an adult at the time). Isabeau's first child, named Charles, was born in 1386, and was Dauphin of Viennois (heir apparent), but survived only 3 months.