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09 Sep

Here are the rest of the episode highlights: , Kahlan uses her confessor powers on Richard but it does not work on him as he is devoted to her as it is.

This is the loop hole that allows a confessor to be with someone she truly loves, absolute devotion.

The Keeper is tired of people failing him so he wants to take matters into his own hands.

In part one of the two part season finale, Cara is captured and broken by Darken Rahl.

'It's thanks to my missus and the kids that I am doing this. We really love it,' he said.'I swore I would not do the programme and I have to admit that when they first approached me about doing it, I blanked the idea for a month.

'But I have got six kids who want me to do the show, the wife wants me to do the show - and that's why I am doing it. Model Collins - who says she is 'goofy and fun' - said she may be looking for love in the jungle.

If there were any doubt and if it were any other man (one whom they truly were not devoted to and vice versa), they would succumb to a confessor’s powers.

“Tears” is the second part to the season (possibly series) finale of Season 2 of “Legend of the Seeker”.They had a romantic love affair as of boyfriend and girlfriend for several months and they finally got married on 15 August 2010.The couple is parents to a daughter, Frankie Jean - born in December 2010.I do want to make them proud.'Also on the new series of the show - and set to face a range of grisly tasks - are TV presenter Gillian Mc Keith, rapper Aggro Santos and X Factor finalist Stacey Solomon. She has also promised to wear a number of bikinis - to promote her new range of swimwear.The stars have been flying out to Australia to prepare for their entry into the I'm A Celebrity ... But she reckons she will struggle with tiny portions of food - and will probably throw up when forced to eat nasties.'I know I am going to be starving in the jungle,' she said.'I love eating a lot.