Trent reznor dating history

15 Dec

As time passes by, Trent Reznor's beliefs are here today, but gone tomorrow.It goes without saying that Trent Reznor’s managed to notch a lot of different accolades on his resume—from his early days with Nine Inch Nails to his Grammy-winning film score work.And it would come out the day that it's done in the studio, not this 'Let's wait three months bullshit.'" Reznor's position seemed extremely progressive and fans were supportive of his aspirations to operate under his own terms.

Reznor conducted an AMA on Reddit to promote his new project where the issue of his decision came up in the conversation.

As a result, Reznor displayed his disgust with a profane-induced tweet decrying the Grammys' credibility.

He joins a long list of rock artists who have voiced their disdain after being snubbed or disrespected by the musical institution.

However, here’s one you may not know about: He’s actually married to a musician, and she happens to be his partner on his latest musical endeavor.

Here's the scoop on Reznor's talented wife, who's his main collaborator in the project How To Destroy Angels, which is releasing its first full-length album on Tuesday.